Ryan's Entire Mission

Ryan's Entire Mission
ryan is in the far right corner

Ryan at a Zone Conference...

Ryan at a Zone Conference...

Ryan and President Brubaker

Ryan and President Brubaker

eating raw fish -- eeewww

eating raw fish -- eeewww

Ryan at temple - day before MTC drop off

Ryan at temple - day before MTC drop off
handsome guy!

Ryan and President Smith

Ryan and President Smith
getting set apart as a missionary

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Sunday, April 11, 2010

Leaving for Holland - April 12th, 2010

Hello Everyone!

This is where letters will find me after this coming Monday:

Elder Leash
Mission Home Address:87, boulevard Brand Whitlock1200 Brussels, Belgium Belgium General Phone: 027-369933

It is conference weekend! How great is it that I’m able to get to listen to conference here at the MTC? I’m very excited about it! I listened to the tape you had, no offense but the messages from Amy’s kids were the best! Danielle’s piano playing was also noteworthy.

I have to say that all the candy and food here in the cafeteria, combined with sitting on my bum all day is really started to get to me – I am feeling like a real blimp. I have my flight plans! I will be leaving for Belgium this Monday – my first area with probably be in the Netherlands because they speak Flemish in Belgium and they don’t want us to have a curve ball thrown at us for our first area.

Mom, did you like Julie Beck’s talk in the first session? I thought it was really funny how she essentially said to the women of the church to ‘buck up’ and stop being pampered! That was a real tickler. How about Brother Ballard’s talk? I know that talk didn’t just apply to the mother-daughter relationship and you were a great example to me.

It seems that all the talks were directed to family and influences in the home! There was a lot of wonderful advice (Brother Bednar’s among others) on that topic! I hope you were all able to see all the sessions!

I would have to say that my favorite talk would have to be Brother Eyring’s talk – you can feel from his words how strong and fervent his testimony is. He does really care about what he is teaching us. Brother Holland is always a great speaker, great sense of humor that doesn’t hurt.

Did you catch how President Monson said that this session was probably the best conferences to his talk he has ever attended? Wow, he isn’t a young guy either l.o.l.he has seen a few. The talk I needed the most was Brother Uchtdorf’s talk on patience. This is an attribute that I need to develop more of – I will start with his wise counsel. Anyway, I could go on and on about conference.

Thanks to everyone for letting me know you have been thinking of me! It is nice to know that I’m remembered and loved back home. I love you too!
Easter Sunday was great! Mostly because of conference, but your package was also great too. I’m jealous of Easter dinner at Grandma Rougher’s! I love her sweet potatoes. Four months to go for Megan …that’s exciting!
I’m really sad to hear about Uncle Mike’s fish Scrappy. That’s tough. Oh, I forgot I really appreciated Pres. Uchdorf’s talk and President Monson’s story about the young boy who had a brother going on a mission and how ‘they were both on their way to serve the Lord’. This made me cry!
Yes! Brother Rasband did give a very interesting talk as far as extending mission calls! Just another great affirmation to the importance and truthfulness of this work that I’m in!
It is definitely not easy, but worth it.

Here are a few items of importance:

I leave April 12.
I will call on Mother’s Day! Something to look forward to! I can’t wait!
I’m warm enough, don’t worry!
I’m healthy as a horse.
I’m getting mail.
You can keep me in your prayers – keep sending me letters and telling me you love me, you can give dad and Danielle a hug for me; dad give mom a hug for me!
I love you so much! I hope to hear from you soon! @

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