Ryan's Entire Mission

Ryan's Entire Mission
ryan is in the far right corner

Ryan at a Zone Conference...

Ryan at a Zone Conference...

Ryan and President Brubaker

Ryan and President Brubaker

eating raw fish -- eeewww

eating raw fish -- eeewww

Ryan at temple - day before MTC drop off

Ryan at temple - day before MTC drop off
handsome guy!

Ryan and President Smith

Ryan and President Smith
getting set apart as a missionary

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Monday, July 26, 2010

I love my mission!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

July 18, 2010
Dear family and friends,
Important items first, my address:
Kluizenaar Straat 13
5641 H.E. Eindhoven
Love your letters!!!

Wow! Danielle is off for two weeks in Utah for EFY!! That will be a lot of fun for her and a good experience! The reunion sounds like it was a lot of fun! I didn’t realize it was back in Etna. Who all showed up? I really like the game you played about stuff you don’t know of each other; so you went to the loony bin? :) My heart really goes out to the Hiett family! They will be in my prayers. I got Tracy’s letter and I will write back very soon! That is an amazing story about the elder who lost his hearing, very inspirational! It sounds like everything is going really well that way :)

Things are going very well this way also :). We almost reached Standard of Excellence this week! Ummm, I’m working hard, and as I’ve heard so many times about mission, it’s one of the hardest things you will ever do and yet also the most rewarding, I can’t say I’m feeling the full affects of that statement yet, but I’m definitley starting to understand it more and more with every passing day! I love the work I am doing and the ppl I am being able to serve and try to bring to the gospel! It’s an amazing time!

Now, for some specifics! We have had a great week! We finally got some investigators to church! Caroline was able to come this week and it was great to be able to share that first Sunday with her and to walk her through it. As it turned out, we had two come to I was able to fellowship and translate (one speaks only English) etc. for her and I think she had a good experience; better yet I think she felt the Spirit!!!

Our other investigator is Ramses and he is from Kuri Sao and is 33 yrs old. He has some mental issues, but I really do love him! It was interesting. At one point during the lesson in Priesthood Quorum Ramses was apparently feeling the Spirit because he got up and randomly yelled “Praise Jesus!” I don’t think he got quite the reaction he was used to because he has a P.K. background.

On a more personal note, I’m still learning lots about the scriptures, I had not idea how much I would learn. I’m also learning how to work with difficult personalities and about being personable. I’m so grateful for this time to search and in so doing better myself
My companionship is leading the district in our personal goal numbers – it makes me feel good to work hard and to not abuse the trust that our mission president has put in me and also the success the Lord has sent our way. I feel very blessed – thank you for your support!

A few notes:
Mom, thank you for the pillowcase – I love it! Here are some answers to your questions:

1. The weather is crazy! It is very hot and yet very wet also. Today was an especially odd day with very strange winds and many trees that blew over!
2. The Netherlands lost the cup – yes – but they haven’t been in the finals for 37 years!
3. For my birthday…maybe a tie! Some pictures of family.
4. The food is still buttery and a lot of sandwiches, but I think my body is getting used to it.
5. I am learning a lot from my companionship and I am grateful to be working with him.
6. Please thank Ian for his crazy eagle story!
7. One of our investigators is close to baptism; he has a problem with smoking and ‘blow’ cocaine and we are working that through.

Thanks mom for your last remarks about your testimony and your prayers on my behalf. I am so grateful to you and dad for pushing me to be the best I can – for encouraging me to go on a mission; I really am so grateful.

I love you all so much~!


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