Ryan's Entire Mission

Ryan's Entire Mission
ryan is in the far right corner

Ryan at a Zone Conference...

Ryan at a Zone Conference...

Ryan and President Brubaker

Ryan and President Brubaker

eating raw fish -- eeewww

eating raw fish -- eeewww

Ryan at temple - day before MTC drop off

Ryan at temple - day before MTC drop off
handsome guy!

Ryan and President Smith

Ryan and President Smith
getting set apart as a missionary

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Monday, January 17, 2011

Still in Kortjik Belgium

Goede Dag petite mama :),

Well, most of the info I’ve got I put into Dads and Ian’s letter, be sure to check those out! Thanks for the missionary talk you included mom – I’ll read it
very soon, and I will really try to be better about details and meat in my letters :)
I’ll send out a nice fat steak later today, or at least try! Oh about the money order – I’m not sure... I am nervous about you sending any large amount of cash, maybe you could send it in smaller sums through a few letters. I think if you kept it to just one or two bills and
tucked it into a card that it most probably would be just fine, idk.

Anyway, things are going well here, I really was impressed earlier this week to thank you and express my gratitude for all that you have done and do for me and for all the tough times you have helped me through!
I sure do love you mom!!! I need to go now but please read on with dad and preview Ian’s!
Ik hou van U
Elder Leash

Tell boo boo girl I love e her much!!!!

Dad :),

Thanks much for the letter! Its sounds like you had a nice visit back in Etna! I’m not if I had heard about Maria having a baby I knew she was pregnant but not that it’s out and about now :) That’s great! I’m glad G ma Thack is feeling well, though concerned about the fall, I hope
that doesn’t happen often! She is continuously in my prayers; I appreciated your reminder of repentance... its something that we all should constantly remind ourselves about, I know I at times get caught up in events outside of myself, I forget about what needs to constantly
be going on within me!

The work is ok, we are still working on new investigators,
we took a couple blows this week with both a recent concert and an investigator getting kicked out of the country by the government...our investigator fled into hiding with her little 1 year old daughter in Antwerp and our new convert left in peace back to Tanzania, it was really really hard saying goodbye to them both, I won’t lie - I cried, but I know the lord will take of them. Please keep
Kulwa and Sabrienna and her daughter Lily in your prayers! Further as far as work goes I wrote a little in Ian’s letter so please check that

We are managing to stay in high spirits here and things
are good :), Anyway I love you and will
talk to you soon
Elder Leash

Gosh it sounds like things are going really well for you; I had a lot of fun reading your letter lol. That’s way cool you went boarding the other day! I actually still haven’t been snowboarding yet, just skiing but boarding is on my list for sure! We will definitely have to make a run if it works out a year or so from
now :)!

Yea, it sounds like you found some pretty
accurate sources lol, finding is way tough here, I guess for some reason they [the people] are even more closed here in Belgium than they are in the Netherlands lol but its all good :) My comp and I are getting pretty serious about it now, president threw down about getting our consecrated hours and finding and he is having all missionaries count how many ppl we talk to a day and really cracking down which is good :) My comp and I are going to see how many we can talk to this next week and get kind of competitive about it lol, makes it more
interesting right?! Anyway....

So it’s official :). You’re a big shot real estate agent! That’s way cool, I told my comp a little about friends back home etc. and I told him a little about you and then I mentioned you being a real estate agent now and he was way
impressed lol.

So I read about your physical feats etc and at first I
was stunned and stoked and then I felt pretty fat and depressed ha-ha, I’m so out of shape lol;yçur going to laugh at me but since the New Year though I’ve decided that I’m going to make the climb again, not quit so
high but to something like 75 to 78 kilos 165 to 175 pounds; I’ve already made it back up to 70 kilos :) I was down to 64 at one point :/ lol but yeah that is crazy about you dunking!!!! You’d embarrass me right now ha-ha and a 4.8!!! Freak! You’re crazy :) that’s awesome! Well
id better go but thanks a ton for the update etc! Ill talk to you later

Much love,

Elder Leash

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